About me - but more importantly - how can I help?

Heyyyy! I bet if you’re checking out this ABOUT page, you’re curious – how can this blog help you?

Well, if you’re a woman over 40 who just wants to feel happier – about yourself, these middle years, and the future – but all the stuff out there seems overwhelming – you’re in the right place!

Have you ever thought:

I just have to be ok with life the way it is.
I regret not taking risks earlier in life…it’s too late now.
I never have enough time.
I never have enough money.
I never really knew what I wanted to do in life.
I never finish the things I start.
I don’t even know where to start.

I understand the feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to get out or if I’d ever get out. That’s why I started this blog. 

I’m Lisa. As I started creeping toward age 50, I realized that I COULD actually take control of my future and my own happiness. I also realized it didn’t take as much effort as I thought it would. And, I realized there is a lot of life left to live! 

I want to help you figure out what’s keeping you from taking the steps to feel better and be happier! 

And, then we’ll take steps together to live our best lives! 

There is a whole lot out there to LEARN, to DO, to SEE, and to BE! 

My goal here is to help you pursue all that you have dreamed of and things that you haven’t even thought of yet! Through this blog, I will be opening up and exploring my own authentic self while talking about things that “us mid-lifers” are experiencing throughout these next chapters of our lives. 

But best of all, I’ll be helping you get the happiness you’ve always wanted! Really!

I will also share stories of others on this journey so we can encourage, inspire, and cheer for one another! 

I’m all about “life hacks” so I’ll be sharing all kinds of step-by-step formulas for success! I can’t wait to share my experiences, highlight the work of others and impart proven tools and resources to help us move towards making steps leading to actual change and just feeling GOOD!

I’m here to help you get unstuck.

You’re not alone. Lot’s of us feel stuck in life – doing a job we don’t really like, working for a boss that we don’t really agree with, living in a town that doesn’t really appeal to us, staying in a relationship that no longer feels good, doing what’s easy/what’s comfortable…and generally just feeling like life is going “nowhere.” There’s always a way to get unstuck.

I am here to help you realize your potential.

Did you know that your potential is unlimited? I bet you didn’t! Even if you did “know” that, I’d guess that you didn’t actually “believe” it. And, you are worth it! Every human on this earth has equal worth. No matter what happened in your past or is happening with you now, you are equally worthy of living your best life as anyone else on this planet. That is the truth!

I am here to help you take those first steps.

No matter where you’re at in life, all it takes to move forward is one step…and then another. We’ll get moving together – in more ways than one!

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I’m sooooo glad you’re here with me!
Email me anytime – Lisa@midlifepursuits.com