The Simplest Way to Get Your Routine Back On Track

With the changes put into place to keep us healthy and safe, it’s very likely that your life may be in a sort of upheaval. We all have different circumstances, so we are experiencing different upheavals. But most of us can probably agree that life is different now from last month or even a couple weeks ago. And, if you’re like me, you’re wondering if this is the new normal, and if so, something needs to change!


Feeling Anxious? It Could Be Perfectionism

Feeling anxious, anyone? Right now, with everything going on, it’s no wonder we are experiencing higher levels of anxiety. Of course, we’re concerned with our health, safety, and well-being (and our loved ones), but there are lots of other reasons for this heightened level of anxiety that aren’t necessarily that obvious.


Happiness Hacks to Help You Out of a Funk

Where I live, it’s been so dreary lately – rain, clouds, and gloomy weather are the norm. Sometimes, in the middle of winter or during a long stint of this kind of weather, we can get into a slump. We feel sluggish and can’t seem to get out of this funk.


Important Questions Before Starting Your Vision Board

So, it’s 2020 – how did THAT HAPPEN? Right? Since it’s the beginning of this new year and with “vision” being the topic of the year (20-20 vision), I thought it would be great to work on our own Clear Vision by creating a vision board. Wouldn’t you like to motivate yourself to reach your goals by visualizing your dreams coming true? All motivation is welcomed by me!!


Basic Goal Setting Essentials

Do you set goals – like actually sit down and take the time to DO goal planning? Are you someone who gets excited to look over the past year, make notes of your achievements, and make detailed plans for the upcoming year? Yeah, me either. Well, I never used to. I actually began doing basic goal setting the past couple of years. This year I intentionally focused on the two basic goal setting essentials, because I am really feeling a need to get better at 1) planning ahead and 2) recognizing my achievements.


How much stuff is enough? Feeling satisfied with what we have

A lot of holidays are associated with gift giving and receiving, and for me, that brings to mind the feeling of having enough. During this time of year, there is a huge focus on stuff - buying stuff to give to others,stuff to decorate our homes, stuff to wear for holiday events, stuff to take to holiday events, stuff to host events, etc. etc. etc. Many of us will be out the night before the holiday, buying more stuff, because it never seems like enough. Can we ever have enough stuff?


Do More than Make it Through – Make the Holidays Happy

The holidays are right around the corner (seriously, time does not stop flying)! When I started thinking about the holidays this year, a sadness came over me. I figured a lot of others were feeling the same way. As I sat down to write this post and looked deeper into these feelings, I realized that the holidays really do bring up a lot of emotions.


5 Reasons to Learn 5 New Things in Midlife

I believe – 100% – that it is critical to learn new things all the time. And, learning new things in midlife is something we need to prioritize. We know it’s important to stay mentally sharp, especially as we age, and there are actually tons of reasons why it’s so important.