3 Easy Ways to Stop Downplaying Your Success

Can you remember the last time you actually thought about your achievements or a recent accomplishment? Last week, last month, or last year? Or, shall I rephrase the question – when was the last time you downplayed an accomplishment or minimized a success? Maybe yesterday?


Number One Way to Change Your Reality

Until recently, I believed that my life would be pretty much routine and there wasn’t much I could really do about it at this point/age. Then, as I got closer and closer to age 50, I started paying attention to and learning about new things that made me question that belief. I now believe that my own success and happiness are totally within my control!


Finally Move On From Past Regrets

A question was recently posed to me – what is a failure that you have experienced and what did you learn from it? Well, I really couldn’t come up with anything in my life that I think of as a “failure.” I tried to think and the only thing that came to mind was not a failure per se, but things that I failed to do.


The Key to Loving Your Age, No Matter How Old You Are

My birthday was last month. I turned 51. You know those birthday cards that make jokes about how old you’re getting? I actually didn’t get any of those this year, but when I was shopping for cards for my step-mom and my aunt (we all celebrate on the same day), I came across a lot of them! I would not say that these cards will help you to love your age…


Midlife Pursuits Series: Your Midlife Pursuit of Purpose

I never really felt like I knew my purpose in life. I never felt like I had a passion for anything. Until I had my first child. At that point, I finally felt like I had a purpose... But I knew that it wouldn’t last forever. I remember rocking my daughter in the rocking chair in her baby room and crying as I thought about her leaving and going off to college. What would I do if I didn’t have this baby? I would, once again, have no purpose.


Empty Nest Approaching? 4 best ways to ease the losses

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and transitions. When we’re young, the transition of spring into summer is exciting! Knowing that summer break was just ahead gave us something to look forward to! As parents in midlife, this time of year can be hard. The approaching summer months might mean that your children will soon be leaving the nest.