Simple strategies for loving yourself like you love others

I bet you do something special for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day and even on lots of other days that aren’t “Hallmark Holidays.” So, can I assume that you do special things for yourself on these days too? Because you ARE one of your loved ones, right? Ok, so you’re saying, well…...sorta, yeah. Maybe it’s more likely that you put yourself last.


How much stuff is enough? Feeling satisfied with what we have

A lot of holidays are associated with gift giving and receiving, and for me, that brings to mind the feeling of having enough. During this time of year, there is a huge focus on stuff - buying stuff to give to others,stuff to decorate our homes, stuff to wear for holiday events, stuff to take to holiday events, stuff to host events, etc. etc. etc. Many of us will be out the night before the holiday, buying more stuff, because it never seems like enough. Can we ever have enough stuff?


So Many Meditation Options – lets find some that work for you

Before I started meditating, I wasn’t sure what meditation really was. Like me, you might think it’s new age “woo woo” stuff, sitting on the floor, legs crossed, eyes closed repeating a “mantra” over and over. You may be hearing a lot more about meditation and mindfulness lately and wonder, “Hmm, is there really a meditation practice that would work for me?”

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