AHA MOMENT - there actually are simple and easy ways to stress less and enjoy more!

If you’re here, you either heard me talking or read one of my posts about the simple proven practices that have helped me find a sense of peace and truly enjoy my life – even now – in midlife!

Yes, it’s pretty freaking awesome to know that it isn’t that hard to FEEL GOOD – physically, mentally, and emotionally!

AND, these things don’t take a ton of time or energy.  

All you need is some consistency. (No – not perfection – just creating some habits.)


When I began implementing four practices regularly, my life changed. NOT KIDDING!

I suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life. 

I often felt overwhelmed and experienced “meltdowns” after letting things build up to a point where there was no option but to explode.

I always thought it would take so much effort and time for anything to “work.”

But that wasn’t true. It DOES NOT take much effort or time at all!

Now, my life is not perfect and I’m not “happy” 100% of the time, but my entire outlook and perspective have changed. 

Have you heard people say you can rewire your brain? Well, it’s true! And guess what? IT’S NOT HARD! HURRAY!!

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