Is it time to re-energize? Maybe you need a Summer Break!

release stress and worries  ·  relax your mind and body  ·  re-energize your whole self

Do you have low energy? Feeling sluggish or just blah? But don’t want to waste away the summer? 

Then you need the 21 Day Guided Summer Break Program!

Get re-energized so you can:

  1. Tackle the rest of your summer to do list
  2. And have the energy to do all those FUN summer activities!

The struggle

It’s summer. You have a list of things you really need to get done. And, there are lots of things you WANT to do too! But, you’re overwhelmed and often run out of energy or you don’t even have any to begin with. 

And, then you feel crappy, because nothing gets done and you aren’t even doing anything for fun. 

The truth

I found out that there are things you can do to increase your energy that DO NOT take a lot of time, money, effort, or the energy that you don’t have! 

First, I needed to figure out where all my energy was going! I realized that there are a lot of things that DRAIN our energy – things that we do not need to be doing!

Then, by adding a few simple – YES SIMPLE – practices, my energy skyrocketed! 

That's why...

I created the 21 Day Guided Summer Break Program!

When you take this program and spend about 30 minutes per day on YOU, not only will you see your ENERGY INCREASE – you will also feel RELAXED and REFRESHED

Plus, you’ll be better able to take on your To Do List AND do all of those fun things you’ve been wanting to do!

What you get

A Guide

21 Emails delivered to your inbox with written guides for your Summer Break Activities for the day.


A complete downloadable workbook with information, tips,  and daily exercises/activities.

Simple Tools

Resources that are simple, but can have a huge impact on your energy levels (and even your happiness)!


Private Facebook Group access for a community of like-minded women who also need a break!


Gave yourself permission to take a break from stress and worries!

Took a little time to focus on YOU!

And then…came back from your break –

  • READY TO TACKLE IT ALL (plus have some actual FUN)!


The Creator

Heyyyy! I’m Lisa, the creator of the 21 Day Summer Break Program! I developed this program, because I’ve been there – 

Summer would roll around and I’d have so many ideas and plans and then I’d feel like a failure because I just didn’t have the energy or so-called motivation.

A lot of times I wouldn’t even get started, because I was so overwhelmed and I knew the project or activity was going to take energy – which I DIDN’T have. 

I also thought that I needed energy in order to feel better or more energetic. So I was stuck in a catch 22. 

When I learned that there were things I could do (and also stop doing) to increase my energy, my summer (my life actually) was transformed! AND, the best thing is – it’s not hard. 

Sign up – you’ll find out, like I did that that there are SIMPLE things you can add to your routine to skyrocket your energy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get anything shipped to me?

No, this program is delivered by email for 21 days. You will be able to download and print out the workbook to complete the daily exercises. 

Do I have to start immediately or can I wait to start?

You can wait and start whenever you are ready. The emails will be delivered, but you can save them and go back later to follow along on the 21 days. (It doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two either!)

Ready to say YES to your Summer Break?

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