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For years, I pondered, wondered, questioned, and even doubted (during some pretty bad times) my purpose for being here. What about you? Maybe you’ve even considered getting a life coach to help with finding your purpose. 

There is one person who can help you with finding your purpose – if you just listen. That person is the best life coach you could find, because she knows you best – that’s right, it’s YOU.

Questioning your purpose

Most of us wonder about our life’s purpose at various stages of our lives. Some will go to college and take classes that sound interesting to try to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Some will turn to religion or spirituality or prayer or meditation to find answers about the meaning of life. Some will seek help from counselors, therapists, spiritual guides, or teachers. Others will read self-help books or listen to inspirational speakers to help discover their passion.

Someone to help

In my own life, I don’t think I had, or at least never paid attention to, anyone that specifically guided or supported me on my own journey to finding these answers.e

Everyone deserves someone to help them along the way and just be there to listen and share experiences.


I’m here for you

Since this has been one of the areas with which I have struggled, I’ve become passionate about helping others figure out who they are and where they want to go; helping them come to the realization that they are NOT stuck where they’re at.

In today’s world, there is this whole crazy busy lifestyle filled with constant distractions. It’s hard to even focus on what you’re going to wear tomorrow or planning meals for the week, let alone carving out time to search your soul and ponder your life’s purpose.

Hence, that’s one of the reasons that life coaching is so popular now. We can all use someone by our side to help us navigate these frenzied times and take the steps to be happy and at peace and to reach our goals.

Just as there is such a variety of different life coaches, there is an unlimited number of models that are used. And, there are many tools and resources to help figure out who you are and why you are here.  

best life coach in midlife

Who else is here for you

In addition to the gurus, coaches, counselors, and teachers, there is another guide that I want to make sure you know about – it is someone who knows you best – YOU! 

You can (and should) certainly learn from and listen to one or more of these advisors. They have some really great ideas, resources, advice, and tools. But you can (and should) also listen to YOURSELF. You can be your own best life coach for finding your purpose!

Your inner guide

Today I did a guided meditation that was meant to help figure out “Who am I?” Listeners are asked to commit to listening to their inner guide (i.e., yourself).

So, although it is somewhat unlike me to not question everything (including myself), I am choosing to believe; choosing to commit to my inner guide. Here’s what happened…

During this meditation, my inner guide gave me really great insight into the questions of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” I know – WOW, right? Getting insight into THE questions – getting clarity about purpose – that’s actually huge for many of us!  

Now that I have begun a mindfulness practice, I have had amazing opportunities to learn from others in the field and to experience many wonderful guided meditations. The one that prompted this post was unique to me: Awakening Your Inner Guide by Sabrina Heartsong, on the Insight Timer app (which I love, by the way).

As Sabrina guided us through the meditation and prompted us to listen to our inner guide, two things came into my mind as I allowed my intuition to guide me.

First, I saw a heart, and second I saw myself holding someone’s hand. I chose to go with this and really listened to what I fully believe my inner guide was telling me – that I am caring and loving and that I am meant to guide and support others.

Validation of my life’s purpose

To me, this really was kinda huge! Why? Well, it’s totally in line with what I feel deep inside of me. It validated what I’ve always felt. I have always been pulled towards compassion for others and a desire to learn about psychology, mental health, and why human beings do what they do.

Although, for years, I never felt that I knew my specific passion or what I was “meant to do,” I did know, no matter what, that I wanted to work for a helping agency.

I always said, I won’t work work at a company to make money for a “guy sitting on a hill in a huge mansion.” That’s why I was drawn to the world of nonprofits. (I actually worked for a hotel and the owners did have a big “mansion on a hill,” an administration office with big white pillars stretched across the front of the building. After that job…never again.)

The Right Path

And, here I am with this blog. Listening to my intuition just confirmed to me that I am on the right path. I had a big smile on my face after the meditation experience!!

I really recommend doing this for yourself, even if it is to confirm who you are, but especially if you are unsure or are doubting your purpose – your current purpose (because purposes can change). Be your own life coach; listen to your inner guide; and choose to believe in yourself. You are the one who knows YOU best!

I’d like to say thank you to Sabrina Heartsong; I truly felt that my inner guide reinforced some things for me and I feel more empowered on this journey to help all of you!

Oh, and there is a ton of other good stuff that she touches on prior to the meditation, which is also really powerful in helping with understanding intuition. Check it out on the Insight Timer App.

And, let me know how it went for you. Also, what are your experiences with listening to your inner guide or paying attention to your intuition?

Take a moment to share your thoughts so that we can learn from and support one another as we awaken to new pursuits!

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  1. vanessa

    Very enlightening! I had cheerleaders in my corner, but I didn’t have a mentor, life coach or professional role model, so I felt like I floated for most of my adult life. I’m inspired by your post to be for someone who I needed earlier in my life, Thanks for this post!

    1. storerldc

      Same here, Vanessa. I kind of floated for a long time. I’m feeling like I want to help others with this same thing!!

  2. Really good post! As a Christian, I believe a Christian’s purpose is Malachi 6:8, “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?”
    What so many, including me, have struggled with is how to figure out our job. Like the old song goes, “I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king…” and a lot more but, essentially, at heart, I am a teacher and my speciality is Agri-Tourism. It’s good to know why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing.
    Enjoy your journey and soldier on.

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